Is PinovaDoc meant for me?

designed for all types of production in:

  • * farming
  • * fruit growing
  • * viniculture
  • * vegetable growing

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Keep up with new IT technologies

that will allow you more free time, and forget the paperwork because it is a thing of the past!

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PinovaDoc is a Web application for complete control and monitoring of agricultural production.

It was made with the idea that farmers facilitate keeping records of the total plants or crops grown by the manufacturer on their parcels, depending on the type (horticulture, agriculture, viticulture, wine, vegetables) and model (conventional, integrated, organic) production it has and at any time has insight into their business and production.

10 reasons why use PinovaDoc application

  1. Record crops on all Arkod plots
  2. Compliance with legislation
  3. Saves time by automatically generating forms
  4. No installation, no programming, no servers
  5. The availability of data from any computer or location
  6. Easy printing of all records
  7. Complete records in farming and horticulture production
  8. Confidentiality
  9. Ease of use
  10. Affordable price and free upgrade
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User feedback

„The PinovaDoc application is well thought out. We are most pleased with record of plant protection  and generating the reports for inspections. The other operations are well designed as well and they will be a great help in our future work.“

Božjakovina d.d.

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„PinovaDoc application is definitely a good choice for all small businesses and large agriculture systems because it facilitates and simplifies the management of paperwork required with minimum daily consumption of time. Besides it makes possible to view and analise all of the work on all of the parcels such as pruning, plowing, crop rotatio, protection and harvesting. The application will most certanly become a very important tool to every agricultural production that wants to be more competitive in the European market and beyond.“

Anđelko Tomšić,

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